Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Project Name:       Barrie Courthouse Storm Drainage Renewal

Project Location:             Barrie, ON     

Closing Date:   June 29 @ 2pm                                                      
  Last Day For Questions:  June 26th @ 2pm
Project Description:

Exterior Works - The work includes  installation of a new manhole over an existing sewer, CCTV Inspections, Reaming and Cleaning of existing sewer, reinstatement of concrete sidewalk and all disturbed sodded areas.
Interior Works - The work includes removal and replacement and/or reaming, cleaning  and lining of existing storm water and sanitary sewer plumbing, at various locations, within the Barrie Courthouse complex.
Bid Requirements:
1.        Subcontractors must comply with Bradanick Construction Services Inc. Health & Safety protocols.
2.        Subcontractors must obtain our Approval to Mobilize letter if they're the successful bidder.
3.        Subcontractors are responsible to ascertain that they have read all documentation & included for all addendums in their tender.
4.        Subcontractors to review all Tender Forms and include all separate, alternate, itemized and unit pricing required at the time of closing.
5.     Security Clearances as required in Specification. 

If you have intentions of submitting a quote or would like access to the tender documents please contact James at 705-238-5080 Ext. 224 or email

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